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Utility Pole Struck After Driver Hits Ice, Vehicle Down Embankment
Thu. Jan 31st 2019

Sandy Hook VFR and Botsford Fire Rescue were dispatched at 08:38 to the area of 9 Grays Plain Road after a call to dispatch reported a 1-car MVA and "some type of small fire in the area."

The driver of the vehicle involved in the accident, a 25-year-old male, then contacted dispatch and reported he had hit ice, and went down an embankment. His vehicle had hit wires during the accident, and those wires had sparked a nearby fire. The male initially told dispatch he was uninjured.

Newtown Police arriving on the scene reported wires in the roadway were causing the fire.

Upon arrival, Chief Halstead reported two wires burning in the roadway and the vehicle down the embankment. Botsford was returned to service, but Sandy Hook continued to the scene. Engine 441 and Rescue 444 responded with crews. The roadway was closed to through traffic.

Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Crew was later dispatched, after the driver reported hand pain. His injury was checked, but he did not need to be transported to the hospital. 

Eversource was notified of the incident, and told that the utility pole would need to be inspected.

Chief Halstead turned command of the scene over to 2nd Assistant Chief Andy Ryan. Firefighters waited for the vehicle to be pulled back up the embankment and then removed from the scene. Sandy Hook returned to service at 10:40.

369 entries in the Call History

369 entries in the Call History

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