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2-Car MVA On Berkshire Road
Tue. Feb 26th 2019

First responders had to search for a 2-car MVA Tuesday afternoon, after its location was misreported to dispatch. Injuries to those involved were minor, fortunately. 

SHVFR was dispatched at 16:23 to the area of Berkshire Road and Washington Avenue for a report of fluids in the roadway following a minor 2-car MVA.

Once reaching that area, however, Chief Halstead sought an update from dispatch, while firefighters continued seeking the MVA. It was eventually found nearly one mile southeast of what was reported to dispatch, just northwest of Berkshire's intersection with Toddy Hill Road. 

Firefighters found two vehicles on the southern shoulder of Berkshire. Both vehicles had reportedly been travelling east on the state roadway when one slowed for traffic and was rear-ended by the second.

One driver began reporting minor chest pains due to being struck by the airbag of their vehicle, so Newtown Volunteer Ambulance was dispatched. That driver was checked, but did not end up needing to be transported. 

Firefighters put Speed-Dri down to pick up fluids from the collision. Sandy Hook returned to service at 17:19.

369 entries in the Call History

369 entries in the Call History

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