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Truck Over Guardrail First Of Two Thursday Night Calls
Thu. Jan 16th 2020

Sandy Hook VFR, Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps and a paramedic were dispatched at 20:46 Thursday evening after a caller to dispatch reported seeing a vehicle go off the road in the area of 229 Berkshire Road, opposite Liberty Drive. The caller thought the driver of the pick-up that went over a guardrail and down an embankment was still in the vehicle and needed extrication.

Newtown Police arrived on the scene at 20:45 and reported the vehicle, a2004 Dodge Ram 1500, was empty. Police believed the driver had run into the woods.

Rescue 444 and Engine 442 responded to the scene; Engine 441 was dispatched, but remained at the station once it was determined that no patient was at the scene.

The driver, a 26-year-old male, was located by 20:51 and checked for injuries. He reportedly told police he had attempted to pick up a dropped cell phone when the accident occurred. The driver walked approximately 50 feet into the woods before falling unconscious, according to police.

The driver was transported to the hospital to be checked for his injuries.

At 21:09, Sandy Hook was part of the group dispatched to for a possible structure fire in Hook & Ladder’s district. Dispatch was reporting a fully engulfed truck near a garage on Papoose Hill Road. Engine 441, Tanker 9 and Tanker 449 responded to that call.

Rescue 444 cleared from Berkshire Road at 21:13. Engine 442 and its crew remained at the Berkshire Road scene.

The Dodge was towed, and Sandy Hook returned from that call at 22:02.

The company returned from the Papoose Hill Road call at 21:51.

375 entries in the Call History

375 entries in the Call History

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