Call History
Vehicle Vs Garage
Wed. Feb 5th 2020

Sandy Hook VFR was dispatched at shortly after 11 am on February to a condo on Louis Hill Road, after a vehicle reportedly drive into the home. 

No injuries were reported to the driver, an 82-year-old female who reportedly hit the gas instead of the brakes. 

Upon arrival, Second Assistant Chief Andy Ryan requested a representative from the Town Building Department, due to the amount of damage to the garage. The vehicle, a 2014 Toyota Camry, had driven into the door and one of the support posts of the garage attached to a condo. 

The building repair company JP Maguire was also requested to the scene.

Firefighters used one of their struts to support the building. They remained on the scene until an employee from JP Maguire responded.

Sandy Hook returned to service at 12:29.

375 entries in the Call History

375 entries in the Call History

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