Call History
Heavy Rain & Strong Winds Lead To Double-Digit Call Volume
Mon. Apr 13th 2020

Sandy Hook VFR responded to 15 calls on April 13, with the majority being related to a strong wind-rain storm that covered the region for approximately 18 hours. 

The company's day began at 8:18 with a commercial fire alarm in Hook & Ladder's district. A few hours later, however, multiple calls began rolling in for trees and/or wires down within the district due to the storm. 

At 11:29, SHVFR was dispatched to Paugussett Road, where a tree had pulled wires down. As firefighters were responding to that location, they encountered another issue: a tree had fallen across Berkshire Road, to the immediate west of Paugussett, taking all wires with it and closing the state road at that location. 

Another call, further east on Berkshire, was also toned out after when a homeowner reported an odor of burning inside their residence. 

Firefighters also responded to calls on Bankside Trail, Underhill Road, Bradley Lane, Berkshire Road (again), Grays Plain, Paugussett (again), Grays Plain (again), Pootatuck Trail and Ironwood Road between 11:29 and 19:20.

Detours and temporary road closures were set up at most locations until the wires could be deactivated by Eversource crews.

Sandy Hook also responded at 15:28 to a generator fire in Hook & Ladder's district, and covered a call a short time later for pumping detail in our district.

375 entries in the Call History

375 entries in the Call History

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