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One-Vehicle Accident Injures 7 
Sun. Jul 12th 2020

While returning from one call, Sandy Hook VFR firefighters found themselves not only first on the scene of another but also taking care of reporting it to dispatch mid-Sunday afternoon. 

Just a few hours after finishing their first training in months, and having already responded to three calls after that, Sandy Hook alerted dispatch at 14:49 to a one-vehicle accident in the area of 186 Berkshire Road. The driver of a Ford Explorer traveling west on the state road appeared to swerve in order to avoid traffic that was stopped in front of her. In doing so, however, the vehicle went over curbing, up a small embankment, and struck a tree. 

Seven females of varying ages were in the vehicle. 

SHVFR Second Assistant Chief Andy Ryan had command of the scene. Rescue 441 was on scene immediately, having discovered the collision. A few additional firefighters also responded direct. 

Newtown Police and Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps were also dispatched to the scene. All provided patient care, and all of those who had been in the Explorer were transported to the hospital.

Firefighters also handled traffic during the incident, with traffic allowed past the scene in alternating directions. The roadway was closed only briefly, when the two ambulances began their transport. 

Sandy Hook returned to service at 15:23.

375 entries in the Call History

375 entries in the Call History

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