Training: Vehicle Extrication
Sun. Aug 12th 2018

Members of SHVFR's Training Committee led a training session on vehicle extrication on Sunday, August 12.

Two weeks earlier, firefighters spent their Monday training time in July going over the various tools that are used when responding to vehicle extrication calls. 

Vehicles had been donated to the company, which allowed a number of firefighters to use a number of tools during the training sessions. Sandy Hook owns two Hurst tool sets, one powered by gasoline and a newer set powered by batteries, and both were put to use during the training session.

Cribbing was used to stabilize one vehicle, a Volvo station wagon. The vehicle had its windows cut by some firefighters, while others used Hurst tools to force doors open. Firefighters also cut the vehicle's pillars. 

The second vehicle, a Honda sedan, had been set on its driver's side, next to another vehicle, emulating a rollover with entrapment. On that vehicle, firefighters practiced accessing patients through the passenger side. While one team of firefighters worked on the passenger door, another team provided access by cutting into the floor of the vehicle. 

Using different attachments on the Sawzall also allowed firefighters to see what the tool's limitations and capabilities are, based on cutting surfaces. 

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232 entries in the News

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