Training: Vehicle Fires & Related Tools
Mon. Aug 27th 2018

SHVFR firefighters did training on vehicle fires and related tools on Monday, August 27.

Using a pair of cars that had been donated to the company, a few teams of firefighters were able to practice using foam and water to knock down fires. Various foam nozzles were used during the knockdowns, and other hand tools were used to access trunks and doors. 

In addition, one group spent time going over the tools used to lift or stabilize vehicles. Those firefighters worked with cribbing and lifting airbags to raise a storage container. 

The training session focused on a number of the company's SOGs including accountability, apparatus response, fire and other emergencies, hazardous conditions, response to motor vehicle accidents, safety officer, and SCBAs. The training took place at the company's main station, behind the pavilion. 

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232 entries in the News

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