Training: Brush Fires Including Apparatus & Tools
Sun. Sep 9th 2018

Approximately 30 SHVFR firefighters participated in training on September 9, when firefighters focused on brush fires, and the apparatus and tools used for such incidents.

Firefighters began the morning by viewing a 10-minute DEEP video that outlined that department’s response, including the construction of handlines and the tools used to create hand lines (or fire breaks).

The group then went outside, and broke into three groups.

One station had firefighters working on drafting with the pump on Brush 445 as well as one of the portable pumps. Drafting was done from the portable pond off Tanker 449. Captain Pete Barresi, a member of the training committee, led that station.

A second station was a mock roadside brush fire, similar to many incidents the company responds to. There, firefighters used hand tools to create a hand line, and flowed a light amount of water from 445, using a foam applicator. Engineer Kyle Degenhardt, also a member of the training committee, oversaw that station.

The third station was where firefighters installed the skid unit on Quad 446. Firefighters secured the unit, and then transported it to the second station for the firefighters waiting on the foam that the quad was carrying. Firefighters also discussed the use of the quad and the skid, and then removed the skid from the quad before the next group moved into place. Engineer Karl Sieling Jr, another member of the training committee, led that station.

The training covered elements included in the SHVFR SOGs concerning Apparatus Response and Fires & Other Emergencies. 

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232 entries in the News

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