Training: Driver Recert
Sun. Nov 11th 2018

SHVFR drivers spent a few hours getting their skills checked during a Driver Recertification training session.

Five stations were set up. Operating the Rescue Truck, Pump Operation and Road Driving were based at the main station. 

Among the challenges at the Rescue Truck station were shifting the truck to engage the generator; operating and properly stowing the light tower; operating the booster station and filling bottles; and returning the truck to road ready.

At the pump station, firefighters were expected to set up the truck to draft and receive water; flow water from discharge, draft water from a static source, and receive water from a pressurized source, among other tasks.

For Road Driving, each driver needed to follow the direction of the officer with them, safely driving Engine 441 without incident.

Aerial Setup and Operation, and Driving/Backing Maneuvers were conducted at Newtown High School. 

With Aerial Setup, drivers needed to set up Quint 440 so that it was safe to raise the aerial device, operated the device safely at the direction of the officer at that station, and stow the aerial device and break down the truck so that it was again ready to be driven.

The Driving/Backing Maneuvers station challenged drivers to drive and then reverse through a course marked with cones without incident, and use a spotter and agree on common hand signals. In addition, each time a cone was hit while driving the course, the driver had to return Tanker 49 to its starting point. If a driver hit more than two cones, they failed that station. 


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232 entries in the News

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