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Firefighter of the Year

The Firefighter of the Year Award is given out annually and it recognizes the significant contributions, achievements and longterm dedication of the individual. Names of nominees are given to a committee by peers.

Performance of duties, motivation, teamwork, and leadership go into determining the award recipient.

Matt Dobson2023
Rob Sibley 2022
Bruce Clark 2021
Tim Whelan2020
Andrew Ryan 2019
Pete Barresi2018
Ryan Clark2017
 Kevin Stoyak 2016
 Steve Stohl 2015
 Richard Conrod 2014
 Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue 2013
 Richard “Archie” Paloian 2012
 Brad Richardson 2011
 John Jeltema 2010
 Jeff Steinebrey 2009
 Karin Halstead 2008
 George Lockwood Jr 2007
 Mike Burton 2006
 Bob Nute 2005
 Kent Bonsignore  2004
 Scott Lee  2003
 BJ Halstead  2002
 Bill Halstead  2001
 Chuck Kilson  2000
 Anthony Capozziello 1999
 Mike Heneghan  1998