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Month: February 2024

Three Companies Respond To Car Vs Pole With Extrication

Sandy Hook VFR was dispatched with Botsford Fire Rescue, Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps and a medic at 07:13 to a reported motor vehicle accident with extrication on Swamp Road, in Botsford’s district. Dispatch was reporting the driver’s side of a car had crashed into a utility pole, trapping the driver, who was injured. 

A Newtown PD officer arrived on scene and confirmed the entrapment of a male driver, who was reporting leg pain. The officer also reported the pole did not receive significant damage. 

The medic reported the car had T-boned against the pole. 

Botsford Chief Andrew White added Newtown Hook & Ladder to the call upon his arrival. 

Sandy Hook Rescue 444 and Engine 441 responded with crews. Sandy Hook VFR Chief Anthony Capozziello also went direct to the crash. 

Firefighters used Hurst tools and additional equipment to get the driver out of the vehicle. The driver was transported to the hospital. 

Sandy Hook and Hook & Ladder cleared from the scene at 07:57. Botsford cleared at 08:01.

Driver Safe After Fire Engulfs & Destroys Camry

Wednesday, February 21, 2024: Sandy Hook VFR and Newtown Hook & Ladder were dispatched at 13:07 for a reported car fire on I-84 West between Exits 11 and 10.

Fire Police Shannon Will confirmed the vehicle was just east of the Church Hill Road overpass and fully involved. The male driver of the vehicle, a 2001 Toyota Camry, was able to exit the vehicle without injury. 

Engine 441 and a crew responded from Sandy Hook, and Engine 111 with a crew responded from Hook & Ladder. Sandy Hook Lieutenant Archie Paloian assumed command upon arrival with 441. 

A CT DOT crew staged behind the apparatus and CT State Police cruisers, and provided blocking and traffic management. 

Firefighters quickly extended a line and knocked down the fire. 

Hook & Ladder was released at 13:43. The vehicle was towed by Modzelewski’s, and Sandy Hook returned to service at 13:59

View upon arrival by Fire Police Shannon Will.

Engine 441 and its crew arriving on scene.

SHVFR Firefighter Andy DeWolfe on the hose line.

SHVFR Firefighter Andy DeWolfe (left) and Engineer Brian Engelke on the hoseline.

Firefighter Andy DeWolfe works to open the engine compartment (above) and truck (below).